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The Real Lion King Lives in Uganda…

Posted by Will on

I recently spent a few days in Kidepo Valley National Park, a remote reserve in the North of Uganda that borders South Sudan and Kenya. I hadn’t been in the Valley long when I met the resident male lion, a handsome chap known as…


Wildlife of the Cayman Islands

Posted by Will on

Earlier this year I visited the Cayman Islands and spent just over a week photographing the islands’ varied wildlife. These small specks of land in the northwest Caribbean formed millions of years ago and were gradually populated by castaways. Over huge periods of time, these animals and plants evolved into a host of unique species, […]


Giant Panda Tracking

Posted by Will on

Earlier this year I spent eight days tracking Giant Pandas in the Qinling Mountains of Central China. This is one of the few remaining places where Giant Pandas exist in the wild. Due to habitat loss and human encroachment, pandas have been pushed into extremely remote and inaccessible parts of China. I was well aware […]


Philippine Tarsiers [Warning: Cute Overload!]

Posted by Will on

After visiting the fearsome dragons of Komodo Island, I headed to the island of Bohol in the Philippines, in search of a creature with considerably cuter looks – the Philippine Tarsier. The contrast couldn’t have been more extreme; within moments of laying eyes on my first tarsier, I had concluded that this was probably the […]


Komodo Dragons

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I recently spent three days traveling around the Indonesian islands of Komodo and Rinca, photographing the legendary Komodo dragons. Preparation for the trip commenced several weeks earlier, as I attempted to devise an effective and safe way of getting wide-angle, close-up shots of these notoriously dangerous creatures. I would not have time to set-up camera […]


Great Migration

Posted by Will on

The annual wildebeest migration is well known as one of Africa’s most impressive spectacles. Over 1.5 million wildebeest migrate between the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya, making this the largest mass-movement of land mammals anywhere on Earth. In order to find fresh grazing pastures, the wildebeest are forced to cross the […]


Kanha National Park

Posted by Matt on

Kanha National Park in India is a beautiful wilderness with a profusion of wildlife – a small haven in a country that is fast changing.